Replacement building with offices and retail use
Competition 2023, 1st prize
Client: CUBE Real Estate

The streamlined structure is located directly at the axis of an arterial road and makes a bold statement, welcoming travelers and commuters driving into the city from the southwest. The new high-rise forms the vertical endpoint of the urban development axis. The cubature reflects the conical shape of the site and reaches a height of 45 meters at the southern tip. Airy two-story spaces on this side of the building form vertical indoor gardens.

On the north side, the stacked building volume is divided up into four graduated segments, allowing for expansive, green rooftop terraces. Multi-story pilasters connect the individual floors to create coherent segments. These pilasters vary in terms of depth and distance from each other, thus creating a logical transition across the long facades to the large openings of the vertical garden lounges.

One reason for replacing the building that formerly stood at this site was its low floor height, which prevented it from being repurposed. However, a portion of the construction material from the demolished building will be reused in the new high-rise. Furthermore, the building will have a wood-hybrid ceiling construction.

Thanks to the central vertical access, the upper floors can be split up flexibly into rental units of various sizes. The ground floor will remain open for public use.

Vis.: Bloomimages for JSWD

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