Expansion and sanitization heritage-protected city hall of Brühl, Germany
1st prize Competition 2017, together with RMPSL Landschaftsarchitekten, Bonn
Client: City of Brühl, Germany
Library planner: UKW innenarchitekten
Completion 2023

Photos: JSWD/Franco Casaccia; Interior Photos: Christa Lachenmaier; aerial photos: City of Brühl, Schmitz.Reichard

It was the objective of the competition to come up with an expansion of the heritage-protected city hall and to redesign the inner city area at the Janshof, which had had an almost backyard-like character in the past. Top priority was the development of a civil engineering and urban planning master plan suitable for an inner city concept. The jury favored the design submitted by JSWD and RMP (landscape architects). The jury declared the design “.... well thought out and one that blends harmoniously into the city ensemble ....”.
The first-place design responds to the play of inner-city spaces in the historic Old Town Brühl. The top end of the city hall expansion at the northern end and a potential residential development toward the south create an exciting interplay. They create view relationships from the adjacent urban areas and provide the Janshof a dimension, which will not rival with the immediately bordering market. Access to the new square with its highly inviting residential character destined to become representative address is provided by three alleys. Structural densifications strengthen the urban space.                         

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