1st prize Competition in Cologne © JSWD/RMP

1st prize Competition in Cologne

District municipal complex Rodenkirchen, Germany

Competition together with RMP landscape architects, Bonn

Following an initial urban planning process in 2008, the architectural design and open space planning competition for the new structure to replace the district municipal complex Rodenkirchen had been released in 2017 and was recently decided.
The design submitted by JSWD provides for a distinct inviting principal structure for the town hall square [Rathausplatz], which is also up for redesign. A powerful urban area with enviable location value has been growing in the historic center of the southern suburb. In addition to the Maternusplatz, which was welcomed by the public, another appealing meeting venue is being created in the center of Rodenkirchen. An attractive alley will in future provide direct access to the nearby Rhine waterfront.

The compact structure follows the typology of the surrounding arcade houses. The glassed-in foyer of the city hall, which is designed fully in compliance for handicap access, opens toward the pedestrian only square. Visitors will find it easy to identify the welcome desk, reception area and the vertically displayed building occupancy information.  A generous staircase leads to the “Belle Etage” where the council chambers and the foyer facing the square are located.