1st prize for the Bilkwinkel high-rise © JSWD

1st prize for the Bilkwinkel high-rise

Vertical gardens as a welcome to the city center

We are delighted that we were able to convince the jury with our concept for the timber-hybrid high-rise building in a prominent location. The client is Cube Asset XVII GmbH.

The task of the two-stage process was to design a replacement building with primarily office use. A refurbishment or partial preservation of the existing building had previously been examined. However, the poor condition of the supporting structure and building technology as well as the low room heights argued in favor of demolition. The slender building rises 45 meters on its southern side and is therefore visible from afar on the B8 road axis. Towards the north, it is terraced in several steps, dividing the office building into 4 stacked segments of 3 storeys each. Each segment has a large, green roof terrace on the city side and a two-storey garden lounge on the opposite south façade. Public use is planned for the first floor.

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