Exhibition German Design Award 2022 © Christa Lachenmaier

Exhibition German Design Award 2022

Gold for our „New Kesselhaus“ in Gelsenkirchen Winner Exhibition at MAK Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt a. M., Germany,  11th – 27th of february 2022

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The German Design Awards have been presented by the German Design Council for the tenth time. The internationally renowned prizes are awarded to companies whose pioneering products and projects stand out in the categories of “Excellent Product Design”, “Excellent Communications Design” and “Excellent Architecture”.

JSWD was awarded “Gold” in the category Excellent Architecture for the “Neue Kesselhaus” on the Nordstern office campus. The rust-red longhouse replaces the lost boiler house of the coal mine, which was shut down in 1993, and is seen as a natural part of the revitalisation process. Two bridges link the new building with the existing structure, and and all levels are flooded with air.

“Coal mining is inextricably linked to the history and culture of Gelsenkirchen. With the closure of numerous mines, an important piece of cultural history was in danger of being lost. The design for the conversion of the coal mine, which was shut down in 1993, into the ‘Nordstern-Bürocampus’ in Gelsenkirchen is a powerful counterweight to this. The project also includes the construction of a new 126 m long building to replace the boiler house that was lost during the decommissioning. It is remarkable how harmoniously the building fits into the ensemble with its rust-red colour and formally clear, functional shape, which consistently follows the historical industrial architectural style of the existing buildings on the site. Beautiful details such as the bridges to adjacent levels and the level in the building’s architecture reminiscent of coal beds, reinforce the overall harmonious impression,” was the jury’s reasoning for awarding the highest distinction.

Here you can see our project in a online gallery

Photos:  Christa Lachenmaier

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