Building decision for Cologne-Rodenkirchen town hall © JSWD / Playtime

Building decision for Cologne-Rodenkirchen town hall

A sustainable building for citizens on a car-free square

We are planning the construction of the new Rodenkirchen district town hall near our Cologne location. On March 21, the Cologne City Council approved the construction.

The concept: a future car-free town square with a high quality of stay extends in front of the new town hall as a striking head building. An attractive route links the square to the nearby banks of the Rhine on foot. The building communicates openly and invitingly with the public via the generously glazed foyer. The typology of the arcade houses along the square is taken up and continued.
The sustainable technology concept provides for an energy supply via heat pump, ice storage and photovoltaic system. Fossil fuels will be completely dispensed with.

JSWD is carrying out the general planning on behalf of the City of Cologne. The RMP Stephan Lenzen office has been commissioned with the open space planning.

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