Book "Portfolio" of JSWD is published from Jovis

"The Cologne architecture firm JSWD demonstrates the long-term benefits of an international presence. JSWD Architekten are currently involved in major projects in Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, and Austria, in some cases with European partners. An understanding of building quality, urban design, and competence in the field of sustainable construction are always central aspects of these. JSWD are involved in a wide range of building projects—from a school to a research institute, from a residential building to a museum—and each project is conceived from scratch. “Architecture and urban development have to reflect diversity”—this credo underpins the designs by JSWD. They have shown on many occasions that they are not afraid of size, nor do they have any reserve about designing the smallest of details within their particular context. The common feature of all their work is the search for homogeneity with regard to the building volume, form, materials, and color. This harmonious architecture by JSWD is therefore multifaceted and coherent at the same time." 

Jovis Verlag, Berlin, Germany 
ISBN 978-3-86859-308-2