Book release "Contemporary Architecture"

"The Icon Vienna" in the new publication by Braun PublishingBraun Publishing has just published the volume "Contemporary Architecture - Masterpieces around the World". The publisher writes about the content: "Almost exactly ten years after the Atlas of World Architecture, this new publication takes stock of the last decade. Using current exemplary buildings on all continents, this book not only shows that building tasks, techniques and styles have changed considerably over the last ten years, but also a reflection of the world in transition in global building culture. Remodeling and sustainability, for example, have become much more important, and great innovative architecture has emerged in new regions. A variety of building projects - from temporary exhibition halls to major airports - are gathered in this volume ... Contemporary Architecture. Masterpieces around the World appears as a new foundational work that maps the exciting diversity and remarkable feats of contemporary architecture around the world ..."One of the projects shown is the high-rise ensemble at Vienna Central Station (page 222).Link Publisher's page

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