House visit in Cologne: Young planners at JSWD © JSWD

House visit in Cologne: Young planners at JSWD

Impulse lecture "from 0 to 100 - genesis of a high-rise"

On the initiative of the Chamber of Architects of North Rhine-Westphalia, about 25 students and graduates of architecture courses as well as new chamber members visited us at our Cologne location. The group was accompanied by Maria Jourlova-Nordmeyer and Christof Rose from the AKNW.

During a tour of our working environment, the competition department including the model-making studio attracted particular interest. The subsequent impulse lecture by the JSWD team offered the participants exciting insights into the planning process of a major project - from the first stroke in the competition to the further planning and realization.
During the concluding drink, further questions could be addressed to the JSWD team.

Our conclusion: An all-around successful event format! Thanks to the AKNW!