IEHK Institute at RWTH Aachen © Vize Renderings / JSWD

IEHK Institute at RWTH Aachen

Mention for JSWD

The new building will form the prelude to the "Campus West" and create clear spatial edges to the adjacent urban spaces. A high point marks the main entrance, visible from afar. The building combines workshop, laboratories, library and seminar rooms under one roof. A green inner courtyard provides views of the experimental hall, among other things. Rooms with a high noise potential are located in the basement, which is pushed into the slope. The compactness of the design allows for short distances and a high degree of internal communication.

In the spirit of corporate architecture, the facade is made of recycled metal sheets. In addition to the solar control effect, it contains ventilation elements that allow cooling without opening windows and thus contribute to sound insulation. This shell is also low-maintenance and can be deconstructed and reused in line with the cradle-to-cradle principle.

Landscape: RMPSL

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