Feasibility study Schauspielhaus Dortmund © Playtime Barcelona / JSWD

Feasibility study Schauspielhaus Dortmund

New-build preferred

Last week, the city council of Dortmund voted with an overwhelming majority for a bill clearly giving preference to rebuilding the local Schauspielhaus theatre, rather than renovating it. JSWD generated a feasibility study for the city of Dortmund, assessing both options. The result: reconstruction is urgently recommended. The reasons for this include the greater flexibility of usage offered by a stage set in the round, alongside the synergies achieved by carrying out the work in parallel with the rebuilding of the Junge Bühne Dortmund, with which the Schauspielhaus will share a foyer.

The preference for rebuilding brings us one step closer to the creation of a new urban destination in this structural ensemble, including the Schauspielhaus alongside the Junge Bühne, itself planned by JSWD, whose striking cubic structure stands out above the cityscape. We look forward to the next stages and thank Theater Dortmund for their excellent collaboration!

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