Modell for the “Museum of Silence” in Berlin, Germany

At the “Museum of Silence” in Berlin, a new addition is being celebrated today: The model presented features the “Room of Silence” as had been realized previously at the Forum Q2 of the ThyssenKrupp Quarters in Essen. The two architectural firms JSWD Architekten of Cologne and Chaix & Morel et Associés of Paris had the idea of the entrepreneur campus conceived and realized for this thought provoking location. In the seven meter high sparsely illuminated room, the suspended cube beckons the visitor opening up the view into its colorfully illuminated interior and inside walls lined with spliced titanium shingles. 

The “Museum of Silence” represents a private initiative by the artist Nikolai Marakov. In addition to his own large-format art representing vague cloud and landscape fragments, there is a permanent exhibition of models by additional architects - among them Volker Staab and Sergei Tchoban.

Photo: Ardex / Armin Wenzel

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