Expansion District Office in Ulm © Christa Lachanmaier

Expansion District Office in Ulm

Final photos of Christa Lachenmaier

The plan calls for the existing district administration building to be extended toward the west. The proposed 6-story new structure will round off the building block, which is somewhat rudimentary at the present time. The entrance of the U-shaped building is central to the neighboring square and will become the new address of the district administration. The new building will align with the eaves of the adjacent development. The green inner courtyard above the underground parking garage provides, together with the existing open space, a recreational area for the employees.
A delicate structure of light colored architectural concrete or natural stone shall define the façade. The vertical support elements are slanted alternately at different angles providing an attractive play within the façade notwithstanding its structural rigidity. Extensive glazed areas, framed by warm grey aluminum or wood window profiles, communicate openness and allow for the maximum possible use of daylight. Together with the solar protection textile fabric a relaxed atmosphere is created - all contributing to the liveliness of the city area.                                        

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