Client: Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben, Berlin
1st prize competition, December 2019 in cooperation with RMP landscape architects
Update Concept 2020

 The plans call for the construction of an expansion building for the BMU [Federal Ministry for Environmental Affairs] incl. outdoor facilities on the federally own property, which shall serve as a Federal flagship project for sustainable construction with the objective of maximum property consolidation.
The proposal submitted by JSWD aims at a low-tech perimeter hugging structure with an amorphously designed building layout trending toward the green heart of the structure. The generous identity creating open space will improve the quality of the public areas and serve as the basis for well-lit office facilities. Any sealing will be kept to a minimum. Trees interspersed with water support a favorable microclimate.  
Among other aspects the Jury praised “the intelligent urban design as well as the thorough interpretation of the sustainability aspects” of the concept.

Visuals: JSWD/ Rendertaxi

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