New building project H5 for the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia
Offices, conference, shared service, restaurants, library
1st prize competition 2021, JSWD in cooperation with Gina Barcelona Architects
Client: BLB Bau und Liegenschaftsbetrieb North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf
In Planning

A new building for new ministries of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and other state users will be constructed on a site near the Rhine in the center of the government district and as part of the "Blue-Green Ring". Part of the project is the first timber hybrid high-rise building in planning in Europe with a total height of over 110m.
Our concept places a tower and an atrium building on a connecting base building at the opposite corners of the site. In the west, at the foot of the tower, a three-story glazed main entrance marks the address of the new Ministry of Finance. From this corner, one can see both the state parliament building and all the way to the Rhine promenade. At this point, the topography of the design also incorporates the library oriented towards the northern park. This rises in steps and thus connects with the levels of the catering and conference area. The entrance to the atrium building is located to the east. The staggering and greening of the so-called "Harold terraces" results in a great quality of stay. Here, for example, there is the possibility to hold open air events. Together with the adjacent open spaces of the "Harold Bay", a generous open space is created, which completes the "Blue-green ring" of on its south side.

The design proposes a homogeneous façade, whose idea horizontality reproduces the stratified levels and allows the views of the park and the city. The sustainable façade concept responds to the different uses and cardinal directions. Similar to a hat brim, the geometry of the horizontal façade elements works. On the one hand, they are inclined to generate the best orientation for the use of solar energy and at the same time provide protection from direct sunlight. On the other hand, to the north, the "brim" is reversed and opens to bring a lot of light into the building. Between the horizontals, a system of vertical elements envelops the building to protect it from eastern and western sunlight and give the structure a homogeneous and abstract appearance.  The louvers are set back on the north and south facades to create space for vegetation in the north and to allow photovoltaic panels in the south. The flat roofs will be greened. 

Visuals: Renderbarn, Model and Photos: JSWD + Gina

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