1st prize for the Ministry of Finance in Düsseldorf © wettbewerbe aktuell

1st prize for the Ministry of Finance in Düsseldorf

New complex for the Ministry of Finance of North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)

At the beginning of October 2021, we could win this important competition in which we cooperated with Gina Barcelona Architects.

New office space for the Ministry of Finance and two additional users is planned on a prestigious site close to the Rhine in the government district of Düsseldorf. In addition, areas for shared services, gastronomy and a library will be provided.

Our design proposes a staggered, green ensemble of a high-rise and an atrium building. The so-called "Harold terraces" are a special highlight. Staggered back from the base, a terraced and greened topography with great amenity qualities hosts the possibility of various open-air formats. Together with the adjacent area of the "Harold Bay", a generous public space is created that completes the so-called "blue green ring" on its south side.

The sustainable façades have numerous features for CO2 reduction and generation of solar energy. Its horizontal structure gives the complex a bright and modern appearance.

Jury statement:

 "The proposal consistently bases itself on the result of the previous urban masterplan competition." The sculptural approach is implemented in a very independent way. In particular, the terraces facing Haroldstraße flow harmoniously into the green space of Harold's Bay to the north.” The roof garden was also positively mentioned: "At a height of over 8 metres, it creates a beautiful upper ending, both formally and functionally. Due to the back-stepping technical spaces, even covered outdoor areas are provided."

Link press release of BLB NRW

The competition of the directly adjacent new NRW Bank has also recently been decided.

Visuals + model: JSWD / Gina

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