Book "Healthcare buildings"

Including our projects UKSH Kiel and Lübeck

"Clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, medical centers, sanatoriums
Architecture and interior design: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

The demand for health care in the hospital sector is constantly increasing. As a result, the architecture of hospitals continues to gain in importance. It should actively promote the well-being of patients by designing everything from open reception areas to relaxation and private retreats. The book “Krankenhäuser, Kliniken, Gesundheitszentren, Spitäler, Rehazentren, Ärztehäuser, Sanatorien” shows a variety of different hospital buildings from modern new buildings to historical, partly listed currently modernized buildings. In addition to general medical clinics, health, rehabilitation and therapy centers as well as psychotherapeutic clinics are presented. The projects impress with unique architectural designs that are adapted to the respective needs of the patients. At the same time, they emphasize an appropriate balance between the working world and the everyday environment. This creates an impressive overall picture of future-oriented hospital architecture"

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