Architectural guide Cologne 2023

New edition with four projects by JSWD

Kunsthochschule für Medien (KHM), Maternusplatz Rodenkirchen, House J and Neuen Mitte Porz
Walther König, Cologne 2023
ISBN  978-3-7533-0553-0  

"Large museums, bold churches and rational settlements characterise architecture in Cologne. But there is also a multitude of secondary sites - on the roof, under the bridge, in the courtyard or in the gap - where remarkable buildings have been created. 110 projects show not only the special, but also the everyday, not only the new, but also the re-used and transformed. The focus is on contemporary architecture, but the authors also place the works of Cologne's post-war icons and nonconformists in the overall picture. Each project is presented on a double page with text, black and white photo and stylised plan. The beautifully designed book with distinct typography is looking for a place on the coffee table or on the shelf. In your pocket, it takes you on five walks and two bike tours across the town." (Publisher: Barbara Schlei, Uta Winterhager, Tobias Groß)

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