Revitalization of Porz city center
Urban Planning: City Core of Porz, new construction of House 1
Client: moderne stadt, Cologne
Urbanistic Study 2015/2016
Completion House 1 in 2022

In 2014, the city of Cologne took on a key role in the pending repair of the center of Porz by purchasing the long-vacant Hertie department store (built in 1972). The urban development company moderne stadt was commissioned with a feasibility study, which it prepared in collaboration with JSWD. The variant favored by all envisaged the demolition of the Hertie building in the pedestrian zone and the urban reorganization of the town center through three new building blocks. Walking and visual relationships will be clearly structured in the future and allow new retail concepts in the first floor zones. A wide variety of apartment types will be created on the upper floors.

After the demolition of the department store ruins in 2018, the distribution structure for all underground garages of the overall project was first realized according to plans by JSWD. In addition, the so-called House 1 with 50 apartments, a full-range retailer on the first floor and its own underground parking garage has been built on one of the three construction sites.

House 1 is located between St. Joseph's Church and the pedestrian bridge. The closed building block is divided into several house units with their own entrances by means of small-scale design of the cubature as well as the facade and roofs. All apartments have spacious loggias. In the inner courtyard, play areas are provided for the residents' children.

The materiality of the bright clinker bricks of the facade is also adopted in the roof area.

Client website of the project:

photos: Christa Lachenmaier, arial photo: moderne stadt, visuals: Mohan Karakoc, site plan: JSWD

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