Opening “Medical Center of the Future”, UKSH Kiel, Germany © UKSH

Opening “Medical Center of the Future”, UKSH Kiel, Germany

New Construction for the University Medical Center UKSH, Campus Kiel, Germany

The Master Plan for the University Medical Center Schleswig Holstein (abbreviated in German UKSH) calls for both the expansion and optimization of the two locations, Lübeck and Kiel, the ultimate goal being the improvement of the system’s economic viability and competitiveness.
Following negotiations, the project was awarded to the bidder consortium of BAM PPP Deutschland GmbH and VAMED Health Project GmbH in 2014, for this “ÖPP” Project (Public Private Partnership).
The architectural concept and the ensuing planning of the new healthcare buildings as well as the required reconstruction and rehabilitation work fell on the planning consortium of HDR, tsj architekten, sander.hofrichter architekten and JSWD.   Olaf Drehsen of JSWD Architekten is the authorized representative of this planning consortium.

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