New wood hybrid high-rise in Düsseldorf © JSWD / Gina

New wood hybrid high-rise in Düsseldorf

Sustainable building sets standards throughout Europe.At 110 meters and 26 stories above ground, our project in the state capital is currently the tallest timber hybrid high-rise building in Europe currently in planning. Sustainable office space will be created on a prestigious site close to the Rhine in Düsseldorf's government district. Our design proposes a green ensemble consisting of a high-rise building and an atrium building. A special highlight are the so-called "Harold Terraces". From the building base, which is staggered back, a topography with great recreational qualities develops. These green spaces also provide a venue for public events when needed.In October 2021, the competition in which we participated in consortium with Gina Barcelona Architects was decided in our favor. We are continuing this successful collaboration.

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