Visit to the New Kanzlerplatz in Bonn © Christa Lachenmaier

Visit to the New Kanzlerplatz in Bonn

Postbank has already moved in.

Two buildings have already been completed in the new office quarter. The partners and associate partners of JSWD (from left: Konstantin Jaspert, Frederik Jaspert, Olaf Drehsen, Tobias Unterberg, Mario Pirwitz, Christian Mammel, Jürgen Steffens) saw for themselves the progress of construction of the high-rise building and also took a look at the two 5-6-story buildings for Postbank. As the main tenant, it is moving its nine previous Bonn locations together here. In the end, Postbank will occupy 40,000 sqm, Postbank will occupy 2/3 of the available rental space in the three base buildings of the Stadtquartier.

In the high-rise building with a final height of 101.5 meters, future-oriented office worlds will also be created on 28 floors. In addition to individual offices, there will also be work lofts and variable project offices for corporate and private use.

There will also be a gastronomic offering in the Quarter. The new urban quarter replaces the 18-story Bonn Center, which disappeared from Bonn's cityscape in 2017 in a controlled demolition after 48 years.

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