CWD - Center for Wind Power Drives, Aachen
Client: BLB NRW Establishment Aachen
Completion 2015

Photos: Christa Lachenmaier, Dirk Matull

The new construction of the “Center for Wind Power Drives” is a clear and simple structure that resides on the Cluster D site of the expansion of Campus Melaten of RWTH Aachen. A large portion of the plot remains not built-up and thus open for future development within this cluster. All requirements of the development plan are met with regard to plot ratio and site coverage as well as a minimum height of 18.5 metres at the boulevard. The plot layout was chosen so that deliveries by articulated or low-loader trucks are possible without accessing other premises. The shape of the structure and facade reflect the internal organization and dynamic processes of CWD. The new structure is built on a massive foundation that protrudes out of the slope situation and opens up towards the boulevard, thereby utilizing its glazed surface to extend an invitation. An apparently floating volume lays on this foundation. It is cladded with aluminium panels that, as if formed in three dimensions by wind and wind force, emphasize the dynamic shape of the structure even further. Similar to the situation on the ground floor this "membrane" opens up at the head end, thus becoming a large boulevard window. The building mainly consists of two purpose-built modules that are being constructed at different times and can react flexibly to changing requirements. A test rig with the corresponding facilities/engineering rooms and the assembly zone with storage areas and delivery zone define the hall section. A crane track spans across the entire hall. The head building comprises a buffer zone pointing towards the hall and hosting a main area and auxiliary rooms. The entrance scenario with connecting seminar rooms as well as offices and project rooms on the upper floors is oriented towards the boulevard.

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