Museum in Brussels
Client: EU-Parlament Brussels
1st Prize Competition 2011, together with chaixetmorel., Paris
Completion 2017
Winner German Design Award 2020, Category "Excellent Architecture"

Photos: Christian Fabris, Christa Lachenmaier, Christian Richters

Built in the 1930s, the “George Eastman” building was originally a dental clinic, is located in Leopold Park, at the heart of the European Quarter of Brussels. By creating a House of European History at this location, the park and its history are brought together with the current European condition. The existing building, in need of repairs, will be expanded with a transparent implant. The free exhibition box arrangement inside the glazed volume is purposely placed in contrast to the symmetry of the older building. During the day, the printed glass envelope frames the dynamic interior activities and filters the view; the unsophisticated form of the overall volume predominates. At night, the envelope dissolves; the light reveals the interplay of the solid and empty volumes, offset against each other.

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