Revitalisation railway workshop
Residential, Student housing, Offices, Commercial, Gastronomy, Parking garage
Client: Cube Real Estate, Köln
1st prize Competition 2017
Completion 2022 - 2025

A new campus is under construction at the site of the former repair facility of the Deutsche Bahn [German Railroad]. The intent is to preserve the industrial architecture’s charm while complementing the existing features. In addition to a parking garage and a boarding house, residential, office and trade areas as well as restaurants and food services are projected to be provided in the vicinity of the two historic repair shops. The design submitted by JSWD Architekten calls for the utilization of four independently developed sites, designed in windmill configuration around a local square. The formerly closed hangar ensemble now opens up - the new quarter’s pathways will interconnect the surrounding open spaces. The historic boiler house and the neighboring institution of higher learning  are connected to the pathway system thus integrating them into the quarters. The design calls for the preservation of the distinct local facades, the so-called cube design, and of major portions of hangars 4 and 5. An exciting ensemble of unique identity is under development here in combination and with the overlap of historic substances supported by an appropriately tailored development structure.      
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Visuals: the third, site plan an photos: JSWD, aerial photo construction site Nov. 2022: Cube

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