Bus depot for 160 buses with bus interchange, offices and retail trade
1st prize competition 2023, start of planning 2024, completion planned for 2029
Client: Hamburger Hochbahn AG

The new "Zusammenhub" is to become the communicative center of the Elbe islands. The structure is essentially characterized by a bifurcation, which is framed by a green connecting element to form an ensemble of buildings: the bus depot and a triangular commercial building set slightly back. Through the flowing and organic architecture, the compact ensemble fits naturally into the urban context. The staggering of the floors between the two units creates an inviting gesture in the direction of the S-Bahn station. Terraced open areas offer a view of the harbor and the core city. The administration of the bus depot is also oriented towards the green inner space.

For the first time in Germany, the buses are parked and serviced on four levels. The spacious transfer area in front of the new building is designed as a plateau, which connects to the lower-lying street via a staircase and a ramp.

The B+R parking spaces (Bike + Ride) are arranged at ground level to avoid areas of anxiety. The sculptural profiling of the largely transparent façade underscores the building's dynamism. The color scheme corresponds with the brick facades typical of Hamburg.

Thanks to the multi-story bus parking, the otherwise usual space consumption is halved. In general, sustainability is the order of the day at the new mobility hub: Recycled concrete and aluminum are used according to the "cradle to cradle" principle. Heat pumps are at the heart of the heating and cooling system. Waste heat from the charging technology is also used. Photovoltaic systems on the roofs provide green electricity. Material consumption and transport movements are minimized by the fact that most of the construction is prefabricated or semi-prefabricated.

Visuals: bloomimages for JSWD, Model: JSWD

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