1st prize for the children's hospital in Linz © KUK

1st prize for the children's hospital in Linz

JSWD plans new building for Kepler University Hospital

With an integrated concept for the new building of the pediatric clinic as well as a central company kitchen at the Kepler University Hospital (KUK) in Linz, JSWD has won the current planning competition. With this success, JSWD consolidates its position as a hospital planner and confirms the foundation of JSWD Healthcare GmbH.

The new building is designed to meet the special needs of young patients and create optimal conditions for their care. Spacious areas for play, opportunities for retreat, and a building structure that allows plenty of light will make the children's stay as comfortable as possible. In addition, ample visitation opportunities are created for loved ones.

Our comb-like long building with accompanying magistrale will complete the center of the campus in the future. The two-story base of the new clinic building will be clad in natural stone. Above the base is a technical floor and above that, on three floors, the nursing wards. Their facade panels with green glazed wood panels harmonize in color with the existing buildings.

The project is scheduled to go into operation in 2030.

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