Master planning Fraunhofer Institute Center in Stuttgart

1st prize Competition 2009
Client: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Munich
GFA: 67.200 sqm, Investment costs: 50 Mio. €

The current institute complex in Stuttgart ('IZS') is characterized by the heterogeneous structure of individual buildings. In the master plan, the currently existing institute buildings will be reorganized and interconnected by development of a structural backbone. The 'new centre' will consist of several point-shaped superstructures housing laboratory and office space, which rest on a shared workshop foundation. A representative new entrance building will round off the ensemble. With its welcoming entrée situation featuring a spacious perron it will bring the campus closer to the public. Restructuring of the outside spaces will readjust the current traffic situation on the campus and create attractive and communicative open spaces for resident scientists and visitors by separating pedestrians from vehicle traffic.

Visuals: JSWD

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