JSWD’s portfolio ranges from corporate headquarters to single-family homes, from school buildings to high-rises, from urban repairs to the adaptive reuse of historic buildings. The aim in each case is to find the perfect solution, whether for three people or for three thousand.

The exhibition All Scales addresses the various dimensions in JSWD’s oeuvre and the related question of how much diversity an architectural practice of this size can and must deal with today in order to be successful in the balancing act of economy and design. JSWD’s dedicated exploration of these poles is illustrated by the kiosk, which is installed in the gallery as an experimental platform of visual impulses. Challenging standard architectural communication, it offers low-threshold access to buildings and projects through formats such as postcards, newspapers, notices, posters, souvenirs, and food and drink. The combination of the small kiosk, which is of systemic importance in Cologne and beyond, with complex architectural information, transforms the gallery into a temporary backdrop for the informal and commonplace – seeking the greatest possible contrast to the white cube. Last but not least, the installation pays tribute to an indispensable building block of the urban landscape.

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Photos: Jan Bitter (object) + Tim Budde (opening), both Berlin

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