Client: UKSH in Public Private Partnership with BAM Deutschland AG and VAMED Health Project GmbH
1st Price Competition in Cooperation with HDR, tsj, ash 2014
Completion New Construction 2019, Refurbishment 2022

Photos: Jörg Schwarze

The expansion and general improvement of the Schleswig-Holstein University Medical Center (UKSH abbreviated) Lübeck and Kiel locations are now underway. The plans call for the renovation of and addition to the physical structures with the objective of creating a more efficient complex to improve the economic viability and competitive advantage of these institutions. Following the 2-1/2-yearlong PPP process the project was awarded to the bidder consortium of BAM PPP Deutschland GmbH and VAMED Health Project GmbH. An architectural team comprising the firms HDR, tsj architekten, sander.hofrichter architekten and JSWD is responsible for new construction and structural renovation. The design principles of an intended Corporate Architecture for both the clinic locations had been developed beforehand.

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